With All-on-4® implant dentures, Dr. Berrios offers the most contemporary restoration currently available for the replacement of a full set of teeth. Compared to conventional dentures which are unsecured prosthetic teeth, All-on-4® implant dentures have proven to be tremendously successful for many patients without teeth. Whereas many patients consider dentures to be painful, unstable, and inconvenient, it is now possible to enjoy a complete smile that won’t slip, slide, or betray your confidence.

The All-on-4® concept enables Dr. Berrios to replace all of your missing teeth with a complete dental bridge which may require only four dental implants for support. The unique splinting of the dental implants also promotes greater stability while eliminating the need for an additional bone graft surgery.

Appreciate the All-on-4® Advantage:

Cost effective treatment- The cost of four dental implants in each jaw, along with customized permanent bridges can be considerably less expensive than replacing each missing tooth with an individual dental implant.

The goal, not the guarantee, of the AII-on-4® is to have the patient leave with a denture attached to their implants on the day of surgery.

Transforming Smiles in a Day

A customized, permanent smile requires advanced planning and detailed coordination in order to achieve true success. Dr. Berrios and our talented surgical team will use digital imaging, dental impressions, as well as other diagnostic and planning tools to produce the perfect treatment plan for you. We will also ensure that you are fully aware of your options regarding the appearance of your new teeth, your sedation choices, and your pain management alternatives.

If you want to get back to a life that feels comfortable and confident, then we want to be the team that makes it all possible! Find out how All-on-4® dental implant dentures can transform your smile as well as your outlook on life by contacting our office to arrange a personalized consultation today.

Case 1:

Slide Panoramic X-Ray
Patient had significant periodontal disease affecting all remaining upper teeth.
Slide Pre-Operative Smile
The patient did not like appearance of her upper teeth when smiling.
Slide Immediate Fixed Hybrid Provisional
Patient had all remaining upper teeth removed, four implants placed and
replacement teeth attached to implants.
Slide Four Months Post operative
The patients first set of replacement teeth removed to get ready for final set of
replacement teeth. Note how clean and healthy the gingivae (gums) look around
her abutments.
Slide Panoramic X-Ray
Panoramic X-ray shows implants connected to milled titanium bar underneath final replacement teeth.
Slide Smile of Final Prosthesis
Final replacement teeth showing a much improved aesthetic result from where we started.

Case 2:

Slide Pre-Operative Panoramic X-ray
The panoramic x-ray shows four remaining teeth. I removed these four lower teeth and the patient wore a complete upper and lower denture for several years. The patient returned with complaints of loose fitting lower denture.
Slide Immediate Post Operative Panoramic X-ray
Post operative x-ray showing All-on-4 for the mandible. Conversion successful day of surgery.
Slide Abutments
Patient wore initial replacement teeth for four months. This denture was removed (unscrewed) so dentist could take the final impression for final replacement teeth. Note how clean and healthy gingivae (gums) look around the abutments.
Slide Final Replacement Teeth
Patient showing final replacement teeth.

Case 3:

Slide Pre-Operative Photo
Patient presented with tooth decay and periodontal disease that affected her entire dentition.
Slide Pre-Operative Panoramic X-ray
Patient had all remaining teeth removed and All-on-4 done on upper and lower dentition.
Slide Post Operative Panoramic X-ray
Showing All-on-4 implants in upper and lower jaw.
Slide Post Operative Photo
New smile and occlusion (bite) with replacement teeth. The patient was very happy!